Tumi Annapolis Review

The Good: A stylish, sophisticated day bag.
The Review: Warning this is not a purse! This slim crossbody is reaaallly good looking and has been a hit with anyone wanting to travel with an iPad in their day bag. I’m still a fan of print, and am always picking up magazines at airports. Tumi must have had me in mind when they designed this bag, as they have conveniently built an open outside pocket which allows for my magazine to sit against my hip, out of the way, but still easily accessible. They main body of the bag does zipper shut so you don’t have just a flap covering your gear. The flap on the front is terrific for things that are smaller that need to be gotten at easily (phone, business cards, train transfers etc.) Custom hardware and leather accents make the Tumi Annapolis instantly classy, while providing a well structured, durable shoulder bag at the same time. It isn’t always easy finding a guys bag, thankfully Tumi has offered what would be a perfect option for many men.