Secrid Wallet Review

The Good: Compact + Ingenious Design = Best. Wallet. Ever.
The Review:¬†When you were a kid, ever wonder what would happen if you crossed a switchblade with a wallet? I did, and finally, Secrid have arrived to answer that ever burning question! The RFID blocking feature is nice, but definitely not the only reason to be considering a Secrid wallet. The RFID blocking aluminum core fits 4-6 cards, depending on whether they have the raised digits or not. I use the Secrid Slim and keep 4 cards and then when traveling keep my room key with my credit cards (always an awkward card in most wallets). The leather fold out is great for id and health cards, points cards etc. that are not used as often (or RFID enabled), and you can still fold in and have easy access to cash through the center of the wallet. But when you need a card…uh oh…look out! This wallet has a hair trigger! You can pay your tab faster than ever, and look super cool doing it! It is very compact, and so fits easily into most pockets or purses. There are a couple of versions, but the Slim Wallet without the snap is far and away a favorite for guys (who keep it in their front pocket) and most women prefer the Mini with the snap so they can drop it into a handbag without it spilling open. If you need to carry more cards, there is also an option for the Secrid Twin that carries twice the number of RFID enabled cards.