Samsonite Cosmolite Review

The Good: Only 7.9 lbs! Buh bye overweight charges!
The Review: The Samsonite Cosmolite collection is a grouping of the lightest & toughest hard-sided luggage this 100 year old company has yet rolled out. The cases were first released in Europe (where they are still made) and have been going strong with a great track record of almost 5 years.  The exterior material is a woven polypropolene that Samsonite have pioneered for this use, and it leaves the look of the case almost “textured”, but be assured it is smooth to the touch and beautiful to look at and…tough as nails. The most obviously vulnerable piece of hardware on a suitcase like this are the wheels, but again, the track record has been amazing with next to no repairs for the amount of Cosmolite that is out there in the market and being used by frequent travelers. Smartly, Samsonite have done a great job protecting the second most vulnerable part of the bag, by having a flexible cover protect the whole length of the zipper.  The Cosmolite interior is split into two equal halves, with the lid half been shut with a mesh zipper, while the half of the bag that houses the handle system has crisscrossing elastic packing straps to keep clothes in place. The spinner Samsonite wheels move really effortlessly and the built in TSA approved lock is appreciated. I’ve only had the opportunity to travel with this size (Cosmolite 27″), and packed full, just barely broke the 40lbs mark. With a track record like they have and the weight they’ve achieved, it may sound strange when talking upwards of $500 for a suitcase, but this might be Samsonite’s best value collection.