Rimowa Salsa Air Review

The Good: Makes packing simple, no second guessing what you should bring. Bring it all!
The Review: The whole Rimowa Salsa Air collection is pretty unbelievable not only for the weight, but also the Maneuverability. The wheels they use just seem superior to all of their competitors. Even loaded, these cases just glide. Rimowa Salsa Air cases are made of 100% virgin polycarbonate…which essentially means they are as tough as is possible to make a hard sided suitcase. They also seem to have done their homework picking colors. Every color they’ve made available has side stepped the “cheeze” factor, and I think would appeal for a longer length of time than a lot of the colors from other brands. The 30″ version of the Salsa Air (there are many other sizes) is 94 liters, and measures out to be exactly 62 inches total size, which is what Air Canada and other airlines list as their max checkable suitcase size. The weight of the bag empty is 7.51 lbs. I know, I know…please repeat after me…”that is ridiculous!” and why it is so popular. If you are a traveler who has been burned by an airline and had to pay overweight charges, you will find the price of the Salsa Air to be pretty attractive. This bag can save you money! You can pack ALOT into this bag and be pretty sure to remain under the 50lbs limit. I’m a big fan of things manufactured in North America (these are made in Canada!), and this along with the other bonuses mentioned above would definitely weigh/sway me towards the Rimowa Salsa Air the next time I need to travel with a Big Suitcase.