Rimowa Bolero Carry-On Review

The Good: Form + Function = Carry-on Perfection

The Review: With all the hulabaloo about Air Canada beginning to enforce their carry on size, I thought it may be a good time to review a brand new bag that is pretty darn near perfectly suited to get you aboard (al)most any plane in Air Canada’s fleet.

As a reminder, Air Canada currently allows 21.5 x 15.5 x 9 inches as their carry on size. The Rimowa Bolero Carry-On officially measures 21.7 x 15.7 x 9.1.

Why you ask, would I bother bringing to your attention a carry-on that is a hair over the legal limit? Well…Rimowa are German, and due to their meticulous nature, have measured out the exterior dimension of their bags exactly, and this includes both the top and side handle of the case as well as the depth of the front pocket. Both of these handles easily push down into the polycarbonate shell, and so long as the front pocket isn’t stuffed, the suitcase easily drops into the Air Canada carry-on sizing bin (we have it here in store and have tried).

With that out of the way, lets talk about the bag. Well, I haven’t had the chance to travel with it myself, but I can’t wait till I do. Traditionally I have used soft bags to carry aboard, as I do like having outside pockets for all of my sh*t, and this hardside carry on might be the best of both worlds. The bag is matte black polycarbonate (like the Rimowa Salsa collection) with a soft pocket on the front allowing you to slip in a 13″ Mac, or tablet along with some files/magazines as well as having a few small pockets for cords & cables, phone, glasses etc. Rimowa have put pockets on other pieces, but none of them have looked this…good. The front pocket is clean and trim, and the horizontal lines of the fabric work surprisingly well with the vertical lines of the shell. In other reviews of Rimowa bags we have gone on about their wheels. This piece is no different. Rimowa use the best wheels that we have come across, and regardless of how much weight you pack into their cases, they do really seem to glide easier than the competition. The interior packs as two equal halves, with one side having a simple zippered covering and the other having a panel that can be pulled down snug to hold things perfectly in place. I really like this bag. Looks good, packs well, rolls like it’s on rails and will get you aboard your next Air Canada flight hassle free.