Patagonia MLC Review

The Good: It’s a back-pack! It’s a duffel! It’s a carry-on! No, it’s the Patagonia MLC!
The Review: Packs like a suitcase, wears like a cross body bag or back-pack and looks downright dashing. Unlike other duffel-style bags, the Patagonia MLC opens up like a book and has a packing strap system making organization much easier. The back-pack straps can be tucked away when you choose to wear it as a cross-body bag (it has a shoulder strap) or carry it in your hand. Have we mentioned that MLC stands for Maximum Legal Carry-on? If you want to get as much as you can aboard (legally), consider skipping the wheels and hardware of other brands and give this piece some serious consideration. It measures at 20″ in length (within international carry-on size restrictions), and unlike other soft bags that are “duffel” shaped, this bag slips into the airline sizing bin perfectly with a 45L capacity. We know this because we’ve tried it!  On the front of the bag there are two compartments, one shorter drop-pocket for your wallet, keys, reading material and passport, and another larger one that is perfect for a laptop and squishing in the Patagonia Down Sweater you should be traveling with. The MLC has fantastic versatility for a carry-on, which is why it continues to be a bestseller year after year. We should also mention that on this years version of the MLC (2015) Patagonia have smartly added a handle slip on the back of the bag allowing it to be carried on top of any other bag you may be rolling.