Pacsafe Venturesafe 45L Travel Backpack Review

The Good: A safe backpack is a happy pack and a happy pack…is a happy traveler!

The Review: Pacsafe have become very well known for the inventive safety features they’ve included in their compact travel accessories, all of them excelling in preventing theft. Now, they have taken it one step further by taking the best of their smaller travel products and creating this big ol’ hunk o’ safety the Pacsafe Venturesafe 45L backpack!

The Pacsafe Venturesafe 45L Travel Backpack is carry-on suitable for any age of traveler, but is especially popular with younger travelers (we sell a tonne to students!) looking to experience new parts of the world. Younger travelers often choose hostels when it comes to living accommodations in foreign countries, but many of these hostels, though fun and full of excitement, do not have the proper security for your belongings. This is one area where a secure pack like the 45L Venturesafe is a no-brainier for keeping wandering hands at bay. How? Keep reading…

France, England, Germany, trains are a basic form of transportation all across Europe, this would be another great reason for investing in such a secure pack. Especially on those early morning boarding times when the late night “adventuring” got the best of you and a sleep on the tracks is a must. Bottom line, pick pockets and thieves are THE WORST. How? Keep reading….

This carry-on approved pack (21″ in height, 13″ in width and 9″ in depth when fully packed) is chock full of all Pacsafe’s latest safety features. You’re already stressed about packing, accommodations, money, yada-yada, the last thing you need is some jerk sneaking up behind you and slashing open your bag, allowing all of your precious valuables to fall right into the palm of their hand. Nu-uh. Not this trip! Inside The most vulnerable areas of the Venturesafe 45L travel pack you’ll find, concealed and lightweight, eXomesh protection. eXo-whaaaa? EXOMESH PROTECTION! Slashguard wiring to keep your stuff in and thieves out.

“But what about the zippers? Thieves aren’t THAT dumb, they know how us civilized folk open our bags.” I thought you might say something like that. I have only six words for you. Interlocking Zipper Pulls (and) Puncture Resistant Toughzip. Lock up those zipper-pulls to keep the thieves from taking the easy way in and feel confident knowing once it’s zipped, it’s zipped until you say otherwise with the puncture resistant material.

Some thievery is as simple as placing your bag down (or sleeping on the train) and someone walking by and snatching it up without your knowledge. This is a problem everywhere around the world, even in my own Canadian hometown! Pacsafe have taken this issue into account and included a stainless steel locking cable for your pack. Out for lunch on the patio of a sweet Paris cafe? Attach your bag to the leg of your chair or table with the cable, completely slash-proof so if they want the bag, they’ll have to go through you first!

Now, enough about safety. What else does this bag have to offer? Well…what doesn’t it have to offer!? First of all, the backpack straps are easily hidden and tucked behind the flap cover on the back of the pack (ha, back of the pack – backpack). The front zippered compartment is complete with a large zippered pocket for internal organization (big enough for a 15″ laptop). Smaller interior mesh pockets make for easy storage for those smaller items, like chargers and adapters. And the padded adjustable shoulder straps and lumbar support/waist belt make for comfortable transportation of the bag.

Allow the spacious 45L Pacsafe Venturesafe Backpack to keep your stuff safe, no matter where your travels may take you, and feel confident that you won’t ever have a problem carrying this aboard.