Jack Georges Voyager Cabin Bag Review

The Good: A leather duffel that ages like George Clooney!

The Review: Hey, remember that time you strolled through the airport with a big, bold, buffalo-hide bag and breezed through security because your all-American duffel was just the right level of patriotic? The Jack Georges Voyager Cabin Bag remembers. Whether it be a weekend getaway, a quick trip to the gym, or a schlepping bag for all that office stuff you insist on carrying, this cabin bag caters to your every need. A manly bag needs man-sized pockets and Jack Georges himself has insured that you can fit an iPad into five different pouches both on the inside and outside of this bag! The exterior of the duffel has five pockets, one zippered, two water bottle-sized compartments at opposite ends, and two more sleeve style on the front of the bag. The inside opens up really nicely with the help on an extended zipper and reveals a large 17″ padded laptop compartment, two more sleeve pockets and a zippered zone. Though not the actual girth of a young buffalo, the Voyageur Cabin Bag is the perfect day bag size, measuring in at 18″ x 12″ x 9″. Tote it three different ways: in-hand, over the shoulder (on an adjustable thick leather strap) or slide it over the pull-up handle system on you luggage. Added bonus? Mystery D-ring for anything random you feel you need clip to the side of the bag!
The Voyager Cabin Bag tramples any competition in the leather duffel department.