Filson Tin Cloth Backpack Review

The Good: Water resistant cotton + harness leather + American Made = Amazing!
The Review: Possibly one of the nicest backpacks we have ever carried. I’m a shoulder bag guy myself, but this is sure tempting me to make the switch…
It is pretty much a typical everyday backpack/briefcase size (12x15x6 inches), meaning you can fit in a laptop, some files or paper work, binder etc. or possibly a small change of clothing for the gym. The backpack does come with an interior padded sleeve, that is perfect for a tablet. If you’re considering this bag and are unsure how much you’d be frustrated getting into and out of Filsons classic buckle (no cheap speedy buckles here!), don’t be worried. Most customers end up loving the ritual, and Filson have also provided a small zipper along the side of the bag that allows you to dig in and grab a wallet or keys without having to unbuckle anything. Filson do not list volumes for their pieces, but comparing this with other bags that do, I would guess this bag is exactly 23 liters(!?). Like all Filson bags, the Tin Cloth Backpack really needs to be used before it comes into its own. Soften up the leather, beat up the canvas and you will have yourself an amazing backpack.