Filson Padded Computer Bag Review

The Good: Handsomely designed and a total bag of all trades!
The Review: If you are looking for an absolute workhorse of a business case, this bag is built to carry a ton of weight and shrug off any daily abuse while keeping your laptop safe, warm and dry. A sleeve-style pocket on both the back and front of the bag offer room for files, papers or folders and the zipper pocket on the front has specialized compartments for pens, pencils, cell phone, ID, wallet and business cards. Two bottle holders, one for your coffee Contigo and one for your H2O, are located on both sides of the brief, keeping your liquid fuel within easy reach. This Filson opens in an almost accordion style, with four sleeves for binders, a couple textbooks, and a laptop. The brass metal-work and leather straps make the bag attractive while durable, heavy-weight canvas makes it one of the toughest briefs around. Get ready to fall in love with Filson.