Eagle Creek Specter Packing Cube Review

The Good: Pros? Everything. Cons? Nada.

The Review: Easy to use, compact, durable, versatile, perfect, perfect, PERFECT! These Specter Cubes are an absolute life saver. I can’t even begin to express how many times I’ve been traveling and the struggle to get everything to fit nice and organized into my 20″ Tarmac has turned into a mental breakdown of sobbing, screaming and maybe even a bit of cursing… But never again with these amazing little treasures made from ultra-light water repellent silnylon ripstop. I know what you’re thinking “Hold up, what the heck is ‘silnylon’?!” If you weren’t thinking that, then good for you smarty pants! But I sure didn’t know what it was when I first heard about it. Basically, it’s nylon fabric coated with silicone to keep it waterproof, windproof, stain-repellent and non-breathable. This translucent fabric is the same kind used to make tents and tarps, so you know it’s legit.

The cubes don’t just come in many different stylish colours, but also various shapes and sizes. The Specter Tube Cube is one of my personal favourites. The long slender shape is perfect for stuffing with socks, power cords, underwear, random accessories, anything fairly slim, but the best part about it is the thin design that fits perfectly between the grooves of your Eagle Creek luggage’s handle bars. So instead of leaving that gaping space, you can fill it in an organized way.

There are also various sizes in the classic cube shape to help with whatever sized items you need packed away. The combo pack is perfectly versatile as no one has all small or all big items, the combo pack helps to accommodate for everything. I’ve found the smallest is perfect for rolling up socks and underwear inside (trust me, it is so much easier to find a pair of socks when they’re all together in a single cube than to dig through your suitcase trying to find a pair). Or, i’ve even used it for packing away electronic accessories like my charging cables for my iPhone and Laptop (to keep from getting tangled) and travel adapters when I take my Specter Cubes over seas. The medium sized cube is amazing for T-shirts, roll them all up and you can easily fit a decent amount for your trip. The largest is the best, you can fit anything in that sucker! I have easily fit a thick wool sweater inside along with hat AND a pair of pants. Or, if you’re a hiker, stick your boots inside to keep them dry and out of the way from dirtying up the rest of the bag!

Another great invention from the Specter collection would be the Compression Cube. You can use it to compress or expand! Let me explain. The Compression Cube has an extra zipper all the way around the bag. The idea of this zipper is to pack with the zipper open, allowing more fabric for more space, then zipping it back up once everything is packed away to compress and take up less space. Another way this cube can be used is for the complete opposite, more space! Let’s say you pack away all of your socks into this cube before taking a trip to Datang, Zhuji in China (also known as “Sock City”) of course you’re going to return home with even more socks! Just open up that extra zipper on your Compression Cube and keep it open, problem solved and feet covered.

Perfect for camping, traveling and storing. Why not give these beautiful little cubes a chance to show you how much easier life can be, with a little organization *sigh*.