Eagle Creek No Matter What Duffel Review

The Good: For those trips where you end up buying the kitchen sink, and then want to take it home!
The Review:
Eagle Creek have designed what is sure to be a hit. The duffels are available in a variety of sizes (30, 60, 110 & 130 liters), and all pack very neatly and compactly into a small pouch, and can be left in the corner of your suitcase until needed.  The Eagle Creek No-Matter-What Duffels are surprisingly lightweight (the 110 liter is 2.4 lbs) for how well they have been constructed. The fabric is ripstop, the zippers are lockable have a covering (nice!), the handles are stitched around the whole body of the bag and meet at the bottom seam. Features like these may seem like a given, but it is surprising how many “come back bags” are not suitable for checking through with an airline. This is something that Eagle Creek has gotten very right. I should mention there are compression straps across the top of the bag to tighten up the load, as well as a nice heavy duty shoulder strap.