Eagle Creek Pack-It Folder Review

The Good: Great organizational packing tool that comes in three sizes to suit (no pun intended) your every garment!
The Review: The Eagle Creek pack-it folders do make folding faster & easier, they do prevent wrinkles, but…most importantly, they do stop your bag from turning into a disaster zone when you are digging for the socks you were sure you had packed. Eagle Creek has made the pack-it folder available in multiple colours and sizes for the super organized traveler amongst us (different colors for different types of shirts), the Pack-it Folder 15″ holds 7 shirts/blouses, the Pack-it Folder 18″ holds up to 12, and the Pack-it Folder 20″ up to 15. The 15″ small pack-it folder does fit into pretty much every and any carry-on, and even better, can be slipped into most business or briefcases, and works really wonderfully as there is almost no other way to neatly pack clothing into this type of bag. The various sizes do work differently for different body types. If you would consider yourself petite, your clothing might not even fold around the 20″ and conversely if you wear an extra broad suit jacket, your shirts may be to large for the smallest folder. Because of this, the 18″ is by far the most popular of the sizes, as it can still fit vertically into most wide body carry-ons and also seems to fit sideways into most mid size suitcases.