Dosh Aero Wallet Review

The Good: Stylish new take on your boring old black wallet!
The Review: It isn’t easy reinventing the wheel, but this Australian company have taken their best shot, and done pretty well I’d say! The Dosh Aero is a compact, smooth new take on the classic wallet. Now that most currency is plastic, the water resistant material (Desmopan) Dosh are made of, is perfect for the beach, as you can literally take this wallet swimming with the sharks.  Dosh wallets are also 100% recyclable, making them both stylish and eco friendly, which is always a bonus. We should also point out there were no animals harmed in the manufacturing of this wallet, so are great gifts for the Vegetarians that walk amongst us! With six card slots and attractive clip for bills and notes, it maintains it’s streamlined shape while letting you pack in your essentials. Dosh have come up with a number of great color combos (we’ve pictured the Electro), that should ensure you’re able to find something that suits your style.