Briggs & Riley Wheeled Garment Bag Review

The Good: Keep it Neat!
The Review: A very well thought through garment bag. The problem with most rolling garment bags is that all of the bulk (shoulders, collars) hangs at the top of the bag, making it difficult to stuff, and still zip closed. Briggs has worked around this by putting an extra hanger trolley at the bottom of the bag, allowing you to weave or layer your suits/shirts/blouses and essentially get more into this bag than a competitors. Having the pull handle system on the outside of the bag also helps contribute the extra space you’ll find. Another nice feature is the shoe pocket. Shoes are notoriously difficult to pack in a garment bag, so anything a company can do to help is appreciated. Weighing in at 12.6 lbs, Briggs & Riley have managed to keep the weight of this bag in a great range, without sacrificing quality.