Briggs & Riley Transcend 24″ Suitcase Review

The Good: Lightweight, well priced & warranted against airline damage. What’s not to love?
The Review: The Briggs & Riley Transcend collection is lightweight (this piece is 10 lbs) across the board, but this mid-size suitcase is ideal for allowing you to pack full, and still stay just under that 50 lbs airline weight restriction. Smartly, the bag can be expanded in a big way! Going from 71 liters to 93 liters, it works well for those times when you’ve bought a few too many pair of new shoes, or those once in a lifetime trips where being overweight is just part of the cost of the trip. The outside pocket is large enough for a little bit of outerwear, and the inside is very smart. With the handle system on the outside, the inside of the suitcase is flat for very easy packing. You aren’t forced to use socks and underwear to fill in spaces around the handle tubes, and so can layer in your packing in the order you prefer. For those of us that like to simply take a couple of shirts/blouses out of the closet and keep them on hangers, Briggs has thoughtfully included a garment suiter in this suitcase, meaning faster & neater packing. Did I mention the warranty? While not truly built to put up with as much abuse as their Baseline collection, Briggs & Riley have enough confidence in this collection, that they offer their “simple as that” warranty, which essentially means that whatever happens to this bag, they look after. Pretty cool.