Briggs & Riley Baseline Medium Expandable Spinner Review

The Good: A mid-size multi wheel road warrior!
The Review: Like every Briggs & Riley Baseline piece, the 24″ Expandable Spinner is a durable suitcase designed for frequent travelers. I’m not sure how they’ve managed to keep the weight at 10.1 lbs and still offer what might just be the best warranty in the world (seriously!), but we’re not complaining! The bag rolls very nicely, and packed full, without being expanded, should keep you under 50lbs. It does have a zippered expansion (going from 79 liters to 87) for those trips where you need to bring back a little more than you left with. A really nice big front pocket, that it probably most useful for those occasions where it’d be handy to pull out a coat without having to open up the whole suitcase. The interior is easy to pack, as the interior of the bag is totally flat allowing you to place things in the order most appropriate, rather than having to fill in spaces with underwear. Amazingly, the interior also has a very nice “suiter” that allows you to take along clothing on hangers. Makes for faster packing and unpacking which is a bonus.