Bellroy Travel Wallet Review

The Good: A sleek, multipurpose travel wallet without the bulk typical to other brands.

The Review: You’re flying to Puerto Vallarta for some much needed relaxation. Customs forms are handed out. You dig through your carry-on. No pen; suddenly the trip is becoming less relaxing. In a perfect world your travel wallet would have a mini pen that tucks snugly between your passport and credit cards. Since Bellroy has busted onto the wallet stage, such a world exists. The Bellroy Travel Wallet is everything you want, but nothing you don’t need. By playing with the balance between convenience and their signature “slim your wallet” style, Bellroy has constructed the ideal way to tote your passport, credit cards, tickets, checks, notes, reservations, and hotel key cards while still slipping into your breast pocket. Your passport and most used cards fill the five slots upon flipping the wallet open, and your tickets, receipts, and less-used cards can be tucked in the two bill-fold-style sleeves in the back. A mini-pen allows you to fill out any paperwork without creeping on your neighbors and a refill is provided by Bellroy in the packaging for the wallet. Go fourth and conquer customs in style!