We throw our bags in the car, commute with them by bus, roll them through airports, stuff them into overhead compartments, kick them under seats, wind them through train aisles & take them with us to movies, to meetings & out for Mai Tais. We enjoy watching the variety of ways people collect and then keep their things close. The things you carry with you & what they are kept in, are a reflection of who you are, what you do and of course, where you may be going. We here at Bagcritic love nothing more than a “good bag”. We all work in the bag industry selling bags & repairing bags at a long established and independent retail store in Canada. We have the opportunity to see the different ways people use their bags, and how useful these bags can become. We try and review bags that we all agree are “good bags” and simply ignore the many bags that fall short of the mark. We’d love to have your feedback about any of the bags/wallets/things we’ve reviewed, and if you have any questions or opinions, please post them at the bottom of the review page. Thanks!